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Make your home standout

Your property is unique. It deserves to be marketed as such. Heather believes that no two properties are the same, each coming with a unique story. Her job is to tell this story and make you remember all the reasons why you fell in love with your home. Why? Because then buyers will do the same.

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Create an experience

Current tools & technology make it quite simple to list a property for sale. By entering information into the MLS system the average Real Estate Agent can automatically have their listings appear for sale online. Heather doesn’t do average. Ever. She certainly doesn’t do what ‘most’ Realtors do. She customizes everything & aims to create an experience. 


Custom, Unique Marketing

A unique sales and marketing strategy is designed for every property. Heather will think through the mind of the buyer. This custom marketing theme dictates everything from her content, photography and videography direction, staging & styling, online strategy, targeted marketing and events.

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Online real estate marketing is not the way of the future, it is the way of today. 90%+ of all real estate transactions in Greater Saint John are at one time or another, found, bought and or sold by online means.

1. Web Presence

The web is real estate's way of today. With 90%+ of all Greater Saint John searches starting online, if you don`t have a website you might as well not have a phone. Even more important than having a website, is having a solid web presence and with Heather Osepchook's own personal online network, including her vast usage of social media, her rankings are getting higher and higher meaning more eyes on your listings. Just ask Google or Klout! 

Not only will your listing be featured on HeatherOsepchook.com, Heather will also maximize online exposure of your listing with Realtor.ca, Remax.ca, Global.Remax.com and Remax-SJNB.com. (Did you know, on a daily basis, there are more users logging into the Remax.ca site than Realtor.ca?!). 


2. Professional Photography

Real estate photos are worth more than a thousand words and making every pixel count is more important than ever. Heather hires one of the most talented real estate photographers in Saint John to capture all the best features and assets that your home has to offer.


3. Video Walk Through

 Heather incorporates a custom video walk through, enhanced through the use of photography, graphics and music, all combined to showcase the beauty of your home. Heather's tours have been created to maximize the public visibility of listings by integrating into the MLS website and Realtor.ca, giving buyers the best opportunity to experience your home.

For Buyers, Heather has been known to go above and beyond for her clients and, as we all know, time is of the essence in real estate. She understands and respects your schedule and will happily incorporate a personalized and custom video walk through of a home of interest to ensure you miss no opportunities. This is has been an invaluable tool to out-of-town clients especially.


4. Matterport 3d Tour*

Heather believes in always looking for innovative ways to market her properties for sale. On the cutting edge of technology, 3D and virtual reality are becoming the wave of the future. She has diligently researched the best technology in order to best suit the needs of both buyers and sellers alike. 

A Matterport 3D Showcase more completely immerses visitors so they can create an emotional connection. The 3D tour is an online experience for homebuyers to move through a property and see it from any angle. The distinct Dollhouse view gives homebuyers a completely unique sense of the property.

Photo galleries, 360° panoramas, and fly-through videos lack the feel that home buyers and sellers crave. 360° panoramic tours seem like 3D at first glance, but they’re not. Only 3D real estate tours by Matterport lets buyers actually move through a property as if they were really there (think Google Streetview). Furthermore, only Matterport offers a total sense of a home with their Dollhouse View.

*some restrictions apply. This service is not offered for all listings. Please inquire with Heather Osepchook Real Estate for more information.


 5. online advertising

Heather’s sophisticated online marketing and social media tools to target, track and convert buyers. For each and every property she will determine the demographic profile of your potential buyer and run online campaigns that target them. She will focus her ads (down to age, postal code and interests) to run campaigns that are put in front of prospective buyers multiple times and across many partner websites and search engines. Heather uses the industry’s best systems to host a campaign strategy that includes coming soon ads, targeted and segmented email blasts, targeted campaigns, just listed and open house postings.

6. Staging

Ultimately, a successful sale relies heavily on how your property looks. Heather’s marketing plan for selling your home will also include listing preparation advice including staging suggestions and, in some cases, at your request she will arrange to have professional home staging that best suits your property.


7. dedicated property page (on heatherosepchook.com)

Heather’s listings are showcased on individual property pages within her website which allows her to capture potential buyer interest and easily share your listing details across multiple online platforms. Heather will present your listing online by highlighting all marketing efforts, using large-scale professional photos of the property and adding highlights such as property features, custom videos and floor plans when available.


8. extensive network

For every listing, Heather is committed to getting the word out about your property sale. Not only will your home be attracting buyers online through her marketing strategy, outbound calls and emails will be made by Heather to co-operating agents and brokers as well as her vast network introducing them to the listing opportunity and generating buyer interest.  


The marketing steps above are just a snapshot of some of marketing means Heather Osepchook will implement for your home. To learn about her complete custom marketing plan for your home, please contact Heather Osepchook for an appointment.


Heather proudly donates a portion of every sale to the children's wish foundation